Thyroid Help

April 23, 2007

My daughter and I have both been diagnosed with hypothyroid, indicating a low-functioning thyroid gland. For a short time we took prescription Synthroid, a synthetic thyroid hormone which replaces some of the hormone which would be produced by a normal thyroid gland. A similar hormone is also available as a prescription generic drug.

Synthetic thyroid has its own problems, however. In particular, some doctors believe that the thyroid gland may continue to lose function because of the influence of the synthetic. Further, for some people, the dosage of synthetic must be frequently monitored and adjusted to maintain balance.

After consulting a naturopathic doctor, we have both been using an over-the-counter natural supplement rather than the synthetic hormone. The supplement contains bovine thyroid tissue along with minerals that are known to support normal human thyroid function. We also eat two to four fresh, raw Brazil nuts each day, as a natural source of selenium.

Because raw broccoli/cabbage family foods may depress thyroid function, we eat those vegetables steamed.

We are taking a multiple vitamin, additional vitamin D, and calcium.

Several times a week we walk or run.

Within the last month, we both got normal thyroid test results at our medical clinic.

There are many thyroid-support supplements on the market. We use Spectra 303-T from NF Formulas Inc, and take one tablet per day. It is available at and is reasonably priced. We each take one tablet each morning. Supplement facts:




150% DV

DV means




67% DV

daily value




25% DV







Thyroid tissue, bovine